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Vision Boards Must have an Action Plan behind them.

Vision boards are powerful things, but if you don't have action steps to go along with the images you put on them, then it was all for nothing.  So for that reason I always stress planning, planning and more planning for my students.  It is completely undervalued by most people but so, so powerful.  You must have action steps planned in order to achieve .   You must have a clear vision before you start selecting images and making a vision board. You won’t make something that helps you achieve a life you are longing for, all you will have is a bunch of pretty pictures.  This is the reason that vision boards fail and I am here to help you move past this.  It is all about the action steps. The planning you put into it. Everyone has so many ideas flying around their head that it can be really hard to separate the ones that mean something to us, and the ones that will never bring us happiness.  And since this is step one for vision board creation we can’t afford to get it wrong!