Journaling.. for your mental health. 

When you were young, you might have kept a diary hidden in your room. It became your confidant and a place to confess your struggles and fears without judgment or punishment. It probably felt good to get all of those thoughts and emotions out of your head and down on paper. The world seemed easier when you could get all those things out.  However it sometimes is easier said than down.  Do not see it has a chore. We all struggle sometimes, we don't know what to "write" about. It is okay,  Read on to the end, I will give you a few examples. 
Although you may have ditched the diary once you reached adulthood, the concept and its benefits still apply. Now it’s called Journaling. It's simply writing down your thoughts and feelings to understand them more clearly. And if you struggle with stress, depression, or anxiety, keeping a journal can help you gain control of your emotions and improve your mental health.

Benefits of writing down your thoughts.   

One of the ways to deal with overwhelming emotions is to find a healthy outlet in which to express yourself, which makes a journal a helpful tool in managing your mental health. Journaling can help:
  • Manage anxiety and reducing stress
  • Helps with Mindfulness
  • Cope with depression
  • Help with clearer thoughts
  • Help you put your thoughts in order
  • Helps you put your goals down and steps to achieve them
Journaling helps you see your thoughts and emotions and can improve your mood by:
  • Helping you put your problems, fears, and concerns down and look at them clearly
  • Tracking any symptoms and help you recognize triggers and learn ways to better control them
  • Can help with positive self-talk and identifying negative thoughts and behaviors
When you have a problem and you're stressed, keeping a journal can help you identify what’s causing that stress or anxiety. Then, once you’ve identified these , you can work on a plan to resolve the problems and, in turn, reduce stress.
Keep in mind that journaling is just one aspect  for better managing stress, anxiety, and mental health conditions. To get the most benefits, be sure you also:
  • Meditate each day.,, take some quiet time for yourself. 
  • Eat a nutritious, balanced diet.
  • Exercise regularly—get up and get moving. 
  • Try to get enough sleep, your body needs to reset itself.
  • Limit alcohol and drugs.

Get Started

Try these tips to help you get started :
  1. If you are into pen and paper. Get yourself a notebook or journal that makes you smile.
  2. Try to write every day. Set aside a few minutes every day and even if its only a few lines. Write it down.
  3. Make it easy. It doesn't need to be much, just a few lines sometimes is enough.  You can also keep a journal in a computer file.
  4. This is your own private writings. Don't worry about complete thoughts or correct grammar. Just let the thoughts flow out of you.  You will not be sharing this journal unless you want to. Do not feel like you need to share unless you are comfortable.
  5. Be Creative.. anything goes.. poems, drawings etc.. 
Keeping a journal sometimes can provide comfort and organization of your thoughts.  It can help you see things that can get lost in the chaos of the world. Look at your Diary/Journal as a way to express your thoughts and get out all the things in your mind that keep you up at night.  Take time for yourself when you are writing. Try to breathe, relax and let it flow.  Doodling in your journal can be therapeutic also. 
Journaling should not be a cause of stress; Just let the thoughts flow.  Here are a few examples of what to write about.
Gratitude and Appreciation
Your Day.. Your feelings for the day.
Your Hopes and DreamsDon't be afraid to put it all out there...your Journal is just for your healing. You may feel better if you put it down and let it go. 
Depression and Anxiety is something more people than you realize cope with everyday. Journaling may not be right for you, but I encourage you to give it try.  Don't give up if you go long periods of time without writing. Just start again. 


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