Meet Marilyn

Marilyn Barker

Hello Everyone I bet your wondering what I am offering and why I am different from all those other "motivational" "inspiring" guru's out there. Well let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am just like you, I grew up low to middle class and had struggles during my younger years. Just like millions of others I have had my ups and downs, I have battled abuse and medical conditions.  This makes me understand how it feels to be overwhelmed and I understand how hard it is to overcome.

I am here to share my story and my insights with you.  If I can help one person see how awesome they really are than it worth it.

I believe everyone has some Awesomeness in them. I believe you can achieve what you want out of life if you truly believe you can.  All that Inspirational mumbo jumbo is true. However, YOU have to believe it is true, you have to find it in yourself to truly believe and change your life.

I am here to help you understand and find what motivates and moves you. Not everything works for everyone.  I have been there. I know what it is like to feel lost. I know what it is like to be so unsure of yourself that you feel like life is passing you by.

I wish to share my experience with you. I wish to motivate, inspire and help you achieve the life you are dreaming of.

This is how I am different. I am not rich and famous (yet) 😃 I am a regular normal person who wants to help you bring out your Awesomeness! I will cut thru all the BS and give it to you straight. I hope to combine humor, logic and awesomeness to bring you the best experience of your life when learning about how to bring about all you desire.

Hey in there,. Every day in your life is an entry in your own book. If you don't like where the story is leading lets change the plot. Every good book has lots of plot twists and turns. So buckle up and lets see where this story takes us.

Remember: Life is what you make it So Make it Good!


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