Change your Mindset

If you’re not seeing the success you want from any area of your life, it’s probably because you’re in dire need of a mindset shift.

Wayne Dyer said, “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.”  

You get to decide whether you are going to look at the world as a hostile place that’s out to get you or a wonderful place with opportunities galore.

Changing the way you think is not always easy. Life rarely is. However, if you set your mind to something, you can do it.  You have the power.

Through out of lives, especially those of us born in the 60's and 70's, have been told that to to be positive and sure of ourselves was wrong. That self esteem was a bad thing. 

Being proud of yourself does not mean brandishing an attitude of arrogance and self-righteousness.  Frankly, people who exhibit those behaviors are often covering up deep insecurities, expressed in the ugliest ways.   Being proud of yourself simply means that you feel good about who you are and feel positive about your actions. Having good esteem and being in a positive state of mind can do wonders for your life, your health and your wealth.

When you’re not clear about what you want, you’ll end up underwhelmed with what you get.  Those who know what they want are far more likely to experience positive results.

You’re in charge of your life.  You’re at the wheel.  Don’t let anyone else take it … and for heaven’s sake, don’t try to blame anyone else for the things you don’t like about your life.  Blame is unproductive.  Accept, Change and Move on. 

You not only have to take ownership for your life, but you also have to take action.   Dreams remain just dreams if you don’t step forward and do something to bring them to fruition.
Forward-focused action  (in other words, productive activity and not activity for activity’s sake) is required to achieve what you want.    You don’t have to take huge steps all at once.  One small step and then the next, repeated day after day will take you to your goals.  Baby Steps. 

Your mind set is the basis for the Law of Attraction. (The Secret)

Remember the saying:  
Build it and they will Come.  This is true for your mind.  Think it and you can achieve it.  
Dream it, Plan it, Do it.

Here are a few steps I would recommend to start:

Use positive affirmations (I know it sounds silly but they really do work. 
 - use a dry erase marker to write them on your mirror
 - use sticky notes, put around your house and in your car.
repeat these affirmations to yourself (out loud if you are able) through out your day.

Pick a small goal and stick with it.
- Use the power of motivation and positive thinking to achieve success
write your goal down, write down the steps you need to do to make this happen. BELIEVE it!

Remember, set backs happen, it takes time for changes, it takes time for the universe to catch up with your new mindset. Do not get discouraged, take set backs in stride, use these times to re-focus and re-group, re-evaluate what worked and what didn't.  

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